baby hicks | central iowa maternity photographer

This 'session' was an interesting activity in creativity for me. That's me on the 'wrong' side of the lens and my husband behind it (he wanted to make sure I noted they were 'captured by rusty'). Instead of focusing on camera settings (I used the 'set it and forget it' method so he wouldn't have to mess with it) and perfect lighting, I was concentrated only on angles and posing all while trying to explain to him how to get those angles in terms he would understand as well as trying not to look completely awkward in front of the camera (that's the hardest part for me). He took a lot of shots (a lot) and he took direction pretty well. I'm thinking about hiring him as my second shooter. ;) Anyway… all that to say, below are pictures of me and baby girl (we have about six weeks to go!). Thanks, captured by rusty! :)